At Home

for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV

The first app to support the Telldus Live! service on Apple Watch and Apple TV!
Now with geofencing support on the iPhone and iPad!
The app gives you a combined view with your sensors and devices in a nice simple user interface. You can quickly turn on or off any devices, and dimmers are easily controlled with minimal effort. Blinds and projector screens is also supported.

Important features:
  • Choose your favourites and switch quickly between favourites and all devices
  • Supports iPhone, iPad, AppleWatch and AppleTV
  • Create groups for you sensors and devices.
  • Device groups can quickly be turned on and off. Blinds and projector screens will also be a part of the group action.
  • Turing dimmers on will use the last dimming level instead of full light
  • Renaming sensors and devices will update the name in the Telldus Live! service
  • Uses iCloud to automatically log in to the service on other devices, including Apple TV
  • Complications is supported on the Apple Watch, and you can choose which sensor that will be available in the watch faces form the iPhone. The app launches very quickly from the watch complication.

Important! In this version you must log in to the Telldus Live! service using the At Home app on an iPhone or iPad sharing the same iCloud user to be able to use this app on the Apple TV.

Support for other device types and other Telldus Live! features will be added in future versions.

Magne Roald

At Home uses the Telldus Live! service. You need to have a Telldus Live! account and compliant hardware To use the app. You need to add the devices to the Telldus Live! services before they are available in the app. (Please visit for more information)
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