Oh Hell! Scores

for iPhone and iPad

The quick and easy scorepad for the Oh Hell! card game
We love the Oh Hell! app, and the iOS 7 redesign looks great. Our family has probably bought the app 5 or 6 times (on each person's device). Great work!
Ben Dweck
Have you ever had a hard time keeping scores for the Oh Hell! card game? What about Romanian Whist? German Bridge? Rage? With this intuitive scorepad application it will be easy!

It supports an easy to use interface to quickly keep track as the card game is played.

Oh Hell is played in many variations around the world. This application has the most flexible settings to let you play most of the variations available. You can configure the scoring rules in almost any known game combination. It also has the options to cover any variation of the game. Three different modes of Romanian Whist is now supported!
Also, a Dutch variant published by 999 Games with special cards and board is also supported.

Statistics over the players performance is recorded automatically.

Results can be sent to players by email.

Magne Roald
The Oh Hell! card game is known by many names
Plump (Sweden), Bondebridge, Tiern, Selbubridge and Selbu-whist (Norway), Nomiation Whist, Whist, Romanian Whist, Blackout, Rage, Bust, Elevator, L'Ascenseur (France), German Bridge (Hong Kong), Up and down the River (Australia and New Zealand), Boerenbridge or 10 op en neer (the Netherlands), Oh Shit!, Stiche-Raten, Bauern-Bridge, Cravallo, Ansagen, Brille, Fahrstuhl, Einmal Hölle und zurück, Dummkopf, Stichschätzen ,Stich and Stichasägä (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).
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